Care visits

Visits section allow you to view the care provided to your loved one, as well as update on your one’s health and mood, part of our commitment to transparency and providing the best possible care.

Ann D Support Worker
December 1, 09:00 AM – December 1, 01:00 PM (In progress)
time task status
9:00 AM Clock In Note
10:50 AM Wash and fold laundry Note
11:20 AM Short walk to the mall
Carolyn: Mary did not want to walk because her ankles were swollen
13:20 AM Clock Out Note
How was Mary’s mood today?

Today was a fun day! We made BTSs with the tomatoes from the backyard... I could tell Mary was pretty happy:)

Does Mary seem different than usual?

Has there been a change in Mary’s mobility, eating or drinking, loileting, skin condition or increased swelling?

No Yes

Have you reported this change in condition already today? No Yes